Covenant of Right Relations

A Covenant of Right Relations

Building Community is an ongoing spiritual practice. Inviting a spirit of love into our interactions, we each work to develop skills and promote practices that strengthen our relationships. We enter this Covenant of Right Relations with open hearts and open minds, accepting one another in all of our complexity and diversity.

  1. We trust one another’s intentions and recognize that our behaviors have an impact, regardless of our intentions.
  2. We cultivate attentive listening, understanding, a culture of gratitude and compassionate honesty using care-filled words.
  3. We communicate directly with one another, especially when we are in conflict, and when necessary, consider conflict resolution with a mediator.
  4. When we are hurt or hurt others, we seek reconnection and/or forgiveness.
  5. We are responsible for ourselves and are accountable to one another for creating opportunities to encourage, challenge and connect.

Through these choices and actions, we realize the interconnected network of mutuality and responsibility to each other and our beloved community.


Regular and effective communication between all members, whether they be staff, Board Trustees or committee chairs reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding and conflict. The Congregational Covenant encourages open and regular communication so that interests of all members is best served. This Grievance Policy is designed to provide a fair and equitable resolution for concerns of members that are not resolved to the member’s satisfaction or where the dispute may not be addressed through the practice of the Congregational Covenant of Right Relations.

The policy is such that any grievance for which action is being asked of the Board of Trustees be submitted in writing with a detailed complaint accompanied by substantiation.