The Religious Exploration theme for this year (for pre-schoolers through youth) is “Exploring and Celebrating Diversity and Religions Around the World.”  If you would like to help build bridges in RE this year, or have any questions or ideas, please contact a member of the RE Committee:

Jamie Kuehnl, (RE Coodinator and Co-teacher)

Kathy Klos, (Co-teacher)

Sarah Johnson

Barb Michael

Jill Mielcarek

Teri Rockwood


Meet our RE Teachers


Coming Up in RE…


  • Special RE teacher:Barb Michael

1/8/17– Traditional African Spiritualties:  “The Yoruba Pantheon”

1/15/17 African American Christianity:  “Martin Luther King, Jr.”

1/22/17– Traditional African Spiritualties:  “Bantu Beliefs”

1/29/17– Ancient Roman Religious Beliefs:  “Lupercalia as the Origin of Valentine’s Day”


2/5/17– Roman-Christian Religious Beliefs:  “What Birds and Saints Have to Do with Valentines”

2/12/17– INTERGENERATIONAL- “Valentine Tea Service”

  • Service Leaders:MUUC Children and Youth

2/19/17-Ancient Greek Religious Beliefs:  “The Greek Pantheon”

2/26/17-Ancient Greek Religious Beliefs:  “Mardi Gras”


3/5/17– Ancient Greek Religious Beliefs:  “Labyrinths”

3/12/17 The Hindu Religion:  “Happy Holy Holi”

3/19/17– The Hindu Religion:  “Holy Places and Pilgrimage”

3/26/17– The Hindu Religion:  “The Kid-Friendly Ramayana”


4/2/17 The Baha’i Faith:  “Ridvan”

4/9/17 The Baha’i Faith:  “What Baha’i’s Believe”

4/16/17The Baha’i Faith:  “The Báb and Baha’u’llah

4/23/17– Buddhism: “The Dharma Wheel”

4/30/17– Buddhism: “The Wisdom within Bodhi and Maitri”


5/7/17– Buddhism: “Happy Buddha Day”

5/14/17– Islamic Faith and Practice:  “Muhammad and the Qu’ran”

5/21/17– Islamic Faith and Practice:  “The Five Pillars”

5/28/17-Islamic Faith and Practice:  “Fast Rules of Ramadan”


6/4/17INTERGENERATIONAL- “Children’s End of the Year Service”

  • Service Leaders:MUUC Children and Youth


OWl graphic-1


 “Our Whole Lives” (OWL)
“Our Whole Lives” is a healthy, respectful program in human sexuality that is periodically offered to youth in 7-9th grades (ages 11-14). OWL, a Unitarian Universalist and United Church of Christ curriculum, is taught by trained facilitators. Sessions are generally scheduled from Oct.-May.