Our week of Celebration hosted by MqtUU Members:

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If you’re searching for a spiritual home where questions are as welcome as answers, find us. We are a loving, open-minded religious community that is guided not by a set creed or dogma but by a free and responsible quest for truth and meaning in our lives. There is a religion that welcomes your search. Discover Unitarian Universalism.


Date Service (11am) Adult Forum 
December 11 “Storytelling as a Life Tool”*
Service Leader: Rev. Chris Rothbauer, KUUF
“Report on Standing Rock, North Dakota.” Host: Jamie Kuehnl
 “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”
Service Leaders: Jamie Kuehnl and the MqtUU Children and Youth


” A UU Christmas” (Intergenerational)
Service Leader: Kathy Klos


*Sunday, December 11 “Storytelling as a Life Tool” with Rev. Chris Rothbauer, KUUF ~ From cultures around the world to modern narrative therapy, people have long recognized the healing value in telling our stories. But, in today’s hustle and bustle world, we often forget how important story telling can be to our lives. How can we regain a sense of our stories and make them a part of our lives again?



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All are invited…

12th Annual Soup Dinnersoup-open-crocks

Hosted by the children of Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

Please join us for a variety of delicious homemade soups & desserts, music & community.

Saturday, December 3rd from 5 – 7pm
MqtUU Meeting House


Donations of all sizes are appreciated.



ALL Proceeds go to:

JJ Packs
A local nonprofit that packs nutritious food and snacks for school kids from
low income families to take home from school for the weekends.

Feeding weekend mouths for better learning and living!


CHALICA! is coming…

Sunday, December 4 is the kickoff service for CHALICA!… a week-long celebration of our Unitarian Universalist Principles. The holiday first emerged in 2005 out of a wish to have a holiday organized around Unitarian Universalist values.

Chalica begins on the first Monday in December and lasts seven days. Each day, a chalice is lit and the day is spent reflecting on the meaning of that day’s principle and doing a good deed that honors that principle.

You are invited to celebrate with us! Members will be volunteering to open their home for one evening during the week from 6 – 7pm to share in the celebration with food, fun, fellowship and focus on the principle of the day.  A booklet with suggestions for music and stories and info on who is hosting the evenings during the week is available! Chalices are also available at the Meeting House! For more information please contact Dharmini Robertson 251-0032 or dharminirobertson@gmail.com.


The MqtUU 2016-2017 Board of Trustees & Administrative Assistant

2016-2017 Board of Trustees Kathryn Klos, Dea Kowalczyk, Dharmini Robertson, Anne Stark & Admin Assist, Heidi Gould
2016-2017 Board of Trustees Kathryn Klos, Dea Kowalczyk, Dharmini Robertson, Anne Stark & Admin Assist, Heidi Gould


MqtUU Mission Statement:

We, the members of the Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation, are:
Brought Together by a Core Belief in the Power of Love and are
Committed to Building Beloved Community.
We Care for, Nurture and Support the Spiritual Growth of One Another:
We Share Reverence for our Natural Environment and are dedicated to the
Respectful Stewardship of the Earth: and
We Work Together to Bend the Moral Arc of the Universe
Toward Justice, Fairness and Compassion.

“If you want a religious tradition that respects you and challenges you at the same time to be your best self [your most authentic self] in everything you do in your life, then this is the tradition for you.” Voices for a Liberal Faith