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Do you want more acceptance of difference? Do you want spiritual experiences? Do you want to serve others, stand up for justice and live lives that matter in the world? Do you want a joyous, loving community with other people? The Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation might be what you’re searching for…


Date Service (11am) Adult Forum (9:45-10:30am)
November 23 “Intergenerational Thanksgiving Bread Service” (Guest at Your Table). Service Leaders: Michelle Halley and Teri Rockwood, and Religious Education NO FORUM
November 30  “Coming of Age Class.” Service Leaders: MqtUU Youth and Teri Rockwood Hosts: MqtUU Mediation Council
December 7  “The Pilgrimage” Service Leader: gg gordon “Congregational Conversations About Getting Solar Energy at the Meeting House.” Host: MqtUU Board of Trustees

Coming Up @ The Meeting House…

JerusalemREFLECTION & LEARNING PROJECT Israel & Palestine
“Steadfast Hope” Sunday, Nov.  23 1:15 – 2:30pm
As a responsible faith community, we want to become informed so as to understand, converse, and act with a solid background and foundation. A three-part series of four workshops each, following three (UU, Episcopal, and Presbyterian) study guides, will take place in November, January, and April.

Welcome to the MqtUU Meeting House!