At MqtUU we sometimes have services that do not fit the “standard format.” Children are included in the service until after the intergenerational moment when they may go to childcare or religious exploration classes depending on the season. On most Sundays our service includes the following elements:

Music: We start with a Prelude, end with a Postlude and sing two or three hymns during the service.

Lighting the Chalice: The Chalice represents the light we carry within us and share with others

Intergenerational Moment: Often a story that relates to the overall service..

Sharing Joys and Concerns: We are a community that cares for each other. During this time in the service we share our marker events and drop a pebble into water.

Offering: It takes money for MUUC to continue and we pass the plate.

The Message of the Morning

Closing Music and Words

Extinguishing the Chalice


Ceremonies, Rituals, and Other Services

We offer various life transitioning ceremonies such as weddings, commitments, child blessings and memorial services to our members, friends and the community.  For a sample, please visit our denomination website.