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“Share the Plate” offers opportunities for our members to develop and deepen connections with non-profit organizations from the local, state, national and global levels. Your nominations of non-profit organizations for recipients are welcome! “Share the Plate” recipients receive 50% of a month of unpledged collections in our baskets!

The November “Share the Plate” Recipient:

UUA Disaster Relief Fund

After the Southeast and the Caribbean experienced two category five hurricanes within a week of each other, the initial Hurricane Recovery Fund was broadened and renamed the UUA Disaster Relief Fund. Your donation will allow the UUA to respond flexibly to current disaster needs and to new situations as they arise, such as the extensive wild fires in the western U.S.


MqtUU Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
Thursday, November 23 @ 3pm
You are invited to come enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with fellow UU, friends & family!
Turkey will be provided. Bring your favorite fixin’ to share!




Meet Your MqtUU Representatives:

Anne Stark, President
Kathryn Campbell, Vice President
Nancy Sullivan & gg gordon, Co-Secretaries
Dave Stensaas, Trustee

Gary Stark, Treasurer
Heidi Gould, Administrative Assistant
Jamie Kuehnl, Religious Exploration Coordinator



Committees & Contacts
An opportunity to give of your time and talents!
Communication Team ~ Heidi Gould
Building & Grounds ~ Dave Stensaas
Finance ~ Sarah Redmond
Music ~ Barb Michael
Religious Exploration ~ Sarah Johnson
Faith in Action ~ Barb Michael
Sunday Services ~ Tom Sullivan



“It Ain’t Easy Being Green”…   But we try to make it easier for you!250x250_7

Since our Congregation began recycling e-waste with Planet Green, we have received $420.77, and Treasurer g.g. gordon just sent in another full box of used ink cartridges, cell phones, cords, and cameras.

This program benefits both the environment and the Congregation!  Thanks to all of you who have kept the recycling boxes full! (Click the pic for more info!)

Please keep bringing in your no longer needed small electronic items and computer ink cartridges, and we will continue to work for planet health and put some extra cash in the Congregation’s pockets as well.

The recycling boxes have been moved from the vestibule to the kitchen, so please place your items in the boxes there.

Thank You!


Help out the planet and the congregation by letting us recycle these items for you:

Inkjet Cartridges                          Cell Phones/Pagers & Accessories
GPS & Radar Detectors              Mobile Hot Spots
Calculators                                  eBook Readers
iPods/MP3 Players                     Digital/Video Cameras
PDAs iPads/Tablets                   Video Game Consoles & Handhelds
Video Games & Accessories

MqtUU also collects Tadych’s Econo slips to help funds for our congregation as well. Please collect your receipts and drop them in the box marked “Econo slips” in the entry way of the meeting house.


CarpoolCARPOOL: If you, or someone you know, are interested in attending MqtUU but are unable due to lack of transportation please call the Meeting House at (906) 249-9450 and we will help find a ride for you!  Also, if you regularly attend MqtUU and are willing and available to give a ride to a neighbor please call and we will add you to the rideshare list.


Marqtran Door-to-Door Service is available to schedule rides from anywhere in Marquette to our Meeting House!  Please call 225-1112 or Check out marqtran.com


If you are paying cash towards your pledge, there are envelopes on the table in the entry of the Meeting House to put cash contributions in the Sunday Collection baskets. THANK YOU!

FOR QUICK CLEANUP…When activities are held at the Meeting House, just like any house, sometimes messes are made. There is a Sweeper available in the Utility Closet near the water fountain. The Sweeper is a manual for use by little hands as well as big hands! Thank you!