November 2015 Note from MqtUU President

Pres Dea2The busyness and stress of the holidays is upon us. The month of November is a time to continue inner reflections, but also a time to appreciate the good and positive in our life. The days are getting shorter so it can be easy to focus on the long nights, rather than the warm rays of sunlight shinning down on us. But that can be helpful in aiding in our appreciation. In the darkness, the small candle flame becomes a beacon. While in the light of day, the flame blends into the surrounding brightness. We can take this opportunity to wholly appreciate those small flames in our lives and how important they can be. The board is gearing up for, and is excited about, the upcoming Leadership Conference. It will be held on Saturday November 14th 9 – noon. It will be a great opportunity for the board and the committee chairs and members to touch base, share and build goals and visions. All are welcome to attend, and I hope we have a large turn out! One of the interesting things about a small church organization is that it is only as strong as those who attend and participate. If you are passionate about a topic or have a talent to share, consider speaking with myself, a fellow board member, or a committee chair – there are so many different ways each of us can make this organization shine! In many ways it is that beacon of light, and each of us can make that flame burn brighter.

Dea Kowalczyk