December 2015 Note from MqtUU President

Pres Dea2The Holidays are upon us. Cold weather has swept in and snow is on the way. The next month holds for us the longest nights of the year. As we meet with family and are bombarded with advertisements for holiday shopping, let us all commit to taking a moment here and there to pause, enjoy the beauty of the pine trees, the chickadees, and the waves of Lake Superior.  To take the time to reflect on our gratefulness for our community, family, friends, and not having to want for the basics: food, clothing, shelter. Easily overlooked, or ignored, is love. How often do we ignore, or maybe even have distain for, love for ourselves. Do we recognize that we, as individuals, need love, crave it. What happens to us, to our society, if that need goes unfulfilled? Violence, Internet narcissism, increase of mental illnesses? We need to love ourselves, to make sure that we feel that we are loved, as well as love those around us.

I am excited to share that our Leadership Conference had an attendance of 15 people and was a success! Thank you to all who were able to make it. The committees have some exciting things they are or will be working on. Keep an eye open for those announcements. Please remember, you do not have to be officially on a committee to help out. I hope everyone feels they can participate in a project or task at any level they feel comfortable doing.

As the week of Chalica unfolds, I hope that we are able to take in the beauty of the season, our gifts/talents we can give, and reflect on how we can honor each of the seven principles and hopefully do that one good deed a day that honors those principles.


Many Blessings and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

Dea Kowalczyk