The Board of Trustees works to ensure that the spirit of the seven principles guiding Unitarian Universalism and MqtUU’s core values is the basis for decisions regarding the congregation’s policies and actions. As the official policy-making body of MqtUU, the BOT carries out the will of the congregation by determining policies that govern the management and use of the broad range of resources of the congregation, including finances, personnel, and the meeting house. BOT members are elected in alternating years for a two-year term at the annual membership meeting, which generally occurs in May.
Board of Trustees 2017-2018
Dave Stensaas, Vice President
Kathryn Campbell, President
gg gordon, Co-Secretary
Anne Stark, Trustee
Nancy Sullivan, Co-Secretary





16-17 Board of Trustees & Heidi
Kathy Klos, Dea Kowalczyk, Dharmini Robertson, Anne Stark, Heidi Gould

Board of Trustees 7-1-16 thru 6-30-17

Members: Dea Kowalczyk (President), Dharmini Robertson (Vice-President), Anne Stark (Secretary), Kathryn Klos (Trustee)








Building & Grounds (B&G)
Board Liason:              Chair:
Audio/Video help: Tom Sullivan
Building Scheduler: Heidi Gould
The B&G committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of the building (not including cleaning), and for planning improvements along with the BOT and the congregation.

Communications Team
Board Liaison: Anne Stark                   Chair: Tom Sullivan
Members: Heidi Gould
The Communications Team coordinates our internal (Chronicle, This ‘n’ That) and external (website, Face Book, advertisements, press releases, event posters and fliers) communications efforts on behalf of the congregation.

Board Liaison & Chair:                   MqtUU Treasurer:  Gary Stark
Members: gg. gordon, Sarah Redmond, Mike White
The treasurer, one BOT member, and the Stewardship Chair sit on the Finance Committee.  Others are welcome to join.  The Committee meets at least twice a year to review financial reports and procedures, and to formulate recommendations for the BOT about how the Congregation’s financial resources are being managed.

Board liaison:          Chair: Jeanne Trost
Music Coordinator: Barb Michael
Members: Gary Stark, Jeanne Trost
Music Committee members offer support to the Music Coordinator in various ways: planning music for Sunday services, working closely with service leaders; inviting special guest musicians; rehearsing with adults, children, and/or youth, and providing accompaniment on Sunday mornings. (The music folks always welcome instrumentalists and singers!)

Religious Exploration (RE)
Board liaison:     Chair: Jill Mielcarek
R.E. Coordinator: Jamie Kuehnl

Members/Teachers:  Sarah Johnson, Barb Michael
The RE Committee works closely with the RE Coordinator to plan and implement the spiritual growth program for the children and youth of MqtUU (babies through high school youth). They purchase and/or develop curricula and other materials for the various age levels, recruit teachers for the RE classes, keep in touch with parents and work with the children and the Program Committee to present several church services per year. The Committee also creates outreach and social action projects. The RE Coordinator organizes intergenerational lessons for most services throughout the year.

Room at the Inn
Coordinators: Sarah Johnson, Michelle Halley

Faith in Action
Board Liason: Anne Stark
Interim Chair:  Barb Michael
Members:  Lindsay Griffith,  Gail Griffith, Heidi Gould, Rolf Swanson, gg gordon, Sarah Redmond
Faith in Action (FIA) is responsible for educating the congregation about social justice issues, including those named by the UUA as priorities for action. FIA also initiates social action programs, events and projects within the congregation and in coalition with other community and religious groups. For social actions that require congregational support for public endorsement, FIA prepares a position paper for the Board of Trustees’ review, and to the congregation for a vote at a congregational meeting.  Members of the congregation bring issues they are committed to for FIA support and resources.   FIA works with RE, Adult Forum, Sunday Services and other groups within the congregation to further living our Seven Principles and faith in the world.

Board liaison:        Chair: Mike White  
Members:  Michelle Harrison
The Stewardship Committee is responsible for creating the structure under which members and friends are asked to make personal financial commitments to support the Congregation’s operations over the next fiscal year.  Generosity is central to healthy spiritual life, and the committee works to help people make financial support of our UU community an intentional part of their spiritual practice.

Stewardship Brochures:

Annual Giving Campaign

Estate Giving

Sunday Service Committee
Board liaison:           Chair: Tom Sullivan

The program committee plans and coordinates Sunday mornings. Committee members work with the musicians, Religious Exploration workers, and speakers to coordinate the services, and create the Order of Service for each Sunday. They also plan the Forums that take place before the services, inviting speakers on a wide variety of topics of potential interest to the congregation, and providing hosts for each forum.