A Candlelight Vigil for America to be Held this New Year’s Eve

The Marquette Unitarian Universalist Church will open their doors to the public from 9:00 pm to 12:30 am on New Year’s Eve, for a drop-in silent candlelight vigil of prayer, meditation and/or focused positive attention for healing of America, its people and its government.

In this trying period of uncertainty, political distrust and fracturing of the American polity, citizens are troubled and confused at what they see happening in America since the 2017 election. Citizens on every side have expressed a desire to heal splits, come together again as a country and find a way back to honorable, trustworthy, and thoughtful governance that fully represents the interest of all citizens.

Many have expressed a desire to do something to make this happen but want a safe environment without controversy in which to express themselves. They realize how important democracy is to American life, but the hustle and churn prevents them from giving it full intention.

Therefore, the Marquette Unitarian Universalists would like to open their doors on New Year’s Eve to all members of the public for a silent healing vigil. People wishing to attend can drop in at any time from 9:00 pm until just after midnight to turn inward and silently focus their hopes, prayers and resolutions for America and American government in coming year of 2018 as they light a candle symbolizing those fervent wishes.

One can stay the full time or pause between holiday activities to take some quiet personal time to focus and reflect. All are welcome.

The Marquette Unitarian Universalist Church has been a presence in Marquette, Michigan since the 1990’s. The UU is not founded on a creed but focuses on spiritual growth. The principles of the UU are belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person, justice, equity and compassion for every being, acceptance of one another and spiritual growth in community, and free and responsible search for meaning,

The UU arises from a historical background of thoughtful reflection on the human condition and universal reconciliation, a belief that all humans will ultimately be restored to healing reconciliation with the universal greater than themselves, by whatever name they chose to call it. It is this desire to reconcile and heal that moves the UU to sponsor this vigil at this particular time. We grow spiritually through healing action.

If you have questions, you may call Jane Harris, organizer of the event at 7039092766. Our website is mqtuu.org.

The UU Meeting House is south of the M-28 and M-41 intersection, at 1510 M-28, past the stone slab business, less than a mile further on your right. You will see a sign announcing the event posted before the turn in on the night of the vigil. Park in the front lot and enter through the front door.