FORUM on Future of Interior Space

A forum for MqtUU members and friends, with architects from Studio RAD, will be held Sunday, December 10th after the regular service.
The purpose of this comprehensive meeting is the kick-off of a project for the design of interior renovations to the building that will embody our congregation’s needs within the existing walls, focusing on the main sanctuary space and its adjacencies. Please come if you are able, and see the background information below.

At its first two meetings this year, the Board of Trustees (BoT) resolved to undertake a signature project utilizing funds left to the congregation by the late Joan Steindler, and renovations to the sanctuary were selected as the project to focus upon. In early November the two principal architects from Studio RAD (Rom Architecture and Design) met with a group of four MqtUU members to view the building and hear what ideas the members had in mind for the project. For many years there have been attempts to undertake such a project, but no significant funding was available. Studio RAD presented a proposal for architectural services for the project in mid-November. The BoT voted at their regular November meeting (held Sat. 11/18) to go forward with a proposal for architectural services from Studio RAD, which will provide design alternatives that will fit into various budget thresholds, including schematic building plans, interior computer visualizations showing the volume and organization of space, flooring and lighting options, and up to 3 plan options and up to 3 revision cycles of the singular chosen option. The total cost of the architectural proposal is $2,000.

The design work will begin with a comprehensive meeting with the congregation to explore ideas/desires for the space, and then floor plan studies to discover the optimal programmatic and design layout. The commitment to the design services does not commit the congregation to a construction project, but if we choose to go forward with renovations we will have a well-thought-out plan to execute if and when we go forward, which will produce several alternatives for the psychic and/or physical separation of the sanctuary from the rest of the space. The project schedule is 4-8 weeks for completion of the final design/pricing drawing set. Once completed it will be up to the congregation as to how to proceed, and another forum will be scheduled to review the options. If you have specific questions or concerns please contact Board of Trustees Vice-President Dave Stensaas (at 906-361-0553) or another member of the Board of Trustees.

Thank you!