Service Messages by our Members and Friends

Summer Solstice: Thoughts on the Future of MqtUU

SUMMER SOLSTICE ~ CELEBRATING LITHA Monday, June 20, 2016 at 6:34 PM EDT  Welcome & Announcements  Chalice Lighting & Opening Words for the Summer Solstice By B Leslie Koons We come together this morning as celebrants, as seekers and companions. We enter into this, the longest day, joyfully, allowing ourselves the beauty of this time together … Continued

“Our Confounding Fathers” by Roger Greeley

Most likely when you were first introduced to American History, you were bound to think that the Constitution was written by a very select group composed of geniuses. A more accurate description would point out the fact the without the first ten amendments, often called “The Bill of Rights” you wouldn’t have voted to adopt … Continued

The Core of UUism – Roger Greeley

The Core of UUism Roger Greeley January 3, 2016 For more than a thousand Sundays at People’s Church in Kalamazoo, visitors sometimes would ask me “What do you Unitarians believe?” My reply was that each person must make his/her own definition.” Frowning the person would then ask, “But what does your denomination believe?” My response … Continued

Happy Chalica!

Happy Chalica! “Happy What?” you may be wondering. I first learned of this last year and was quite excited to share it with my congregation! Well, it took a year to get a service scheduled in time to share the information and encourage fellow members to consider participating in this celebration. Chalica, is a seven … Continued

Building and Strengthening Covenant in Our Congregation

Sunday, October 4 Good Morning On the cover of our order of service is our mission statement. Let’s read it aloud together: We, the members of the Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation, are: Brought Together by a Core Belief in the Power of Love and are Committed to Building Beloved Community. We Care for, Nurture and Support the Spiritual … Continued

Visiting Minister: Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher

Unitarian Minister Visits Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation On Sunday, August 10, Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher will lead a forum and service for the Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation. The Forum, at 9:45 a.m., is titled “Fear”; the service, at 11 a.m., is titled “What Do You Fear and Why?.” All are invited to join with Rev. … Continued

Who is Wendell Berry and why is he important to UUs?

Message given by Sarah Redmond, November 10, 2013 Doing a service for our lay-led congregation can sometimes feels like a book report and other times like sharing a passion.  Last year’s service on Rumi felt like the former and today’s service is definitely the later.  Wendell Berry is a name that has floated around in … Continued


by Teri Rockwood,  May 19, 2013 The Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons wrote in the Spring 2012 issue of the UU World magazine the following: “We come together because we are creatures who are fundamentally, physiologically incomplete.  As much as our individuality defines us, we also need other people to make our limbic circuits function the … Continued

Mother’s Day Message

 by Tim VanderVeen given May 12, 2013 “The mother in our mind” Trying to come up with a service that will capture and hold the congregation’s attention, isn’t always easy. But, when it’s Mother’s Day I have to admit we have an amazing group of mothers and a crowd of fans who will almost jump … Continued

The Balancing Act XI – May 2013

Packing/unpacking, laughing/crying, mopping floors/cleaning appliances, walking briskly/meditating calmly, re-connecting/meeting new folks at UU services (Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago) and the Heartland District Assembly (Muncie, IN), guessing privately/planning together openly, eating at a Haitian restaurant with one daughter (Miami Beach)/eating a meal cooked by my other daughter’s boyfriend (Chicago) singing a prayer/listening to the rain on the … Continued